1. Enlarge the map



When the mouse pointer is in the map section use the scroll wheel of your mouse, click the + button or use the slider on the left of the chart


2. Move the map


You can move the map area by holding down the left mouse button and move the mouse.


Alternatively, the control on the top left of the map can be used


3. Submit a new port


To get the position accurately, please enlarge the map and then click on the harbor.


If you are wrong, just click a new location.


Please report wrong entries by clicking "Submit changes".


The Remarks may include details such as "prices", "good, bad signal" etc.


Note:A new entry appears with a time delay in the map


4. Submit changes


To keep the information up to date, please submit changes.


5. Create a PDF file for a maritime area or with all entries


Here you can create PDF files for a single maritime area or for all entries.


If you use mobile Android browsers the created PDF file isn't shown in the browser. You can find it in the download directory of your tablet or smartphone.